UC Billing & Enhanced Reporting

Enables organisations to efficiently manage their investment in Unified Communications technologies. All modern unified communication systems provide detailed call usage records which are collected and processed by the UC billing solution.

Common use cases include;

Service Billing and Provisioning – UC billing is used in industries where telephone call usage is needed to be billed back to the end-user and examples include Lifestyle Villages, Hospitals and professional serviced offices.

Department or Cost Centre Cost Assignment – Correct expense accounting often requires the telephone usage costs to be charged back to the relevant departments or ‘cost-centres’.

Management Reporting – There are many general and specific scenarios where UC enhanced reporting can help to get the information needed to effectively manage the unified communications infrastructure. An example is to assist in staff productivity insuring that non-business related activity is minimised and business priorities such as customer service are enhanced.

Network Optimization and Fault Finding – UC enhanced reporting assists in providing overall system usage and patterns which contribute to the effective sizing and traffic management for the infrastructure. Detailed records can be ‘drilled-down’ to find specific calling events for troubleshooting and analysis.

Security and Compliance – UC enhanced reporting shields companies from a variety of internal and external security threats by monitoring for system attacks and telecoms activities that are outside of acceptable and legal thresholds.

For more information, please see Periscope GC Handbook & Periscope GC User Manual.

Telecoms Expense Management

An organisation’s telecoms network is one of the most important, and costly, strategic asset. Telecoms Expense Management provides a framework for the organisation to manage this asset.

TEM is made up of a number of operational aspects including the technology, organisational processes and staff resources needed.

CVT specialises in providing the automated software solution to process the service provider billing records to make available business useable reports and including formatted outputs required by back of house accounting / ERP systems.

For more information, please see Periscope GC Handbook & Periscope GC User Manual.

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